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Saturday, April 09, 2005

I am the eggmon, they are the eggmen, I am the walrus!


No, I'm not John Winston Lennon, nor JohnandYoko Lennon, but I have identified with him all of my life and before. The funny thing is that I write songs about him, poetry about him and have had many dreams of him and so I ask myself, am I obsessed? No, I just miss Him.

I'm just a musician slash writer slash poet slash a marketer of my art, service and products. I have come through many changes in my life, but here is the best place so far. Being all these things is great because they are inter-related. . .is that a word? Who cares. . .

So look, this is my first entry and from here I will share myself, and help you find your place in the online world for your art, product or service. And if you are Latino, born here, otherwise known as pocho, you'll identify with me on many levels I believe. Hey, that doesn't mean I will not identify with my Caucasian brethren or they with me, but latinos are, well, a race unto ourselves.

Not trying to insult anyone so don't take it that way. That will come later and in my other blogs, the Majical and El Nicoya weblogs. No, I'm kidding. I'll insult you here too.

Ok. Enough for now but I will write more soon. Adios mi amigos.


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