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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My experience at the Mega-Seminar in Denver.


That's me and my good friend and mentor Willie Crawford.
The Mega-Seminar in Denver Colorado.

Hello everyone. It's been a month since the Mega Seminar was held in Denver, Colorado. I went primarily to learn, but also to apply what was taught. The great part was that it wasn't a pitch fest of products from the marketing gurus, but instead a learning experience; a "teach fest".

So much was covered like the art of copywriting presented by Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero. She is such a dynamic personality and she really knows her stuff. She's learned from the best, like Dan Kennedy, but with her style she takes it to another level.

You can join her newsletter at which I find very informative and fun too.

I connected up with one of my mentors, Willie Crawford, who has taught me to stay within your niche and continue to market to them and not in an arena where everyone else is. It's like be a big fish in your pond, not another fish in another pond where the SHARKS roam.

You can start checking out Willie at and start reading this man's work. It is a wealth of information and I know from first hand experience that he is one of the easiest guys to approach. Heck, all the gurus I know are but Willie has something else going on.

You can see pictures of the attendees at the seminar at my friend's website. I met so many wonderful people there, it was really worth the price of admission just meeting the attendees, let alone the "super stars". But visit and see if you can scout me out. While you're there, join this man's newsletter and tell him Jorge sent you, ok? He has much to impart for your education.

I loved the fact that it was a "no sales pitch" seminar and not your usual "if you buy my latest software. . ." kinda thing. Anyway, Ken Calhoun put on a great seminar and he ran it like a fooken drill sargeant, but that was the best thing about it. No "fluff and filler" crap, just cutting edge information from all the speakers. Who was there? Man these are just a few of the super stars, ok?

  • Michael Port
  • Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero
  • Willie Crawford
  • Mike Filsaime
  • Gary Ambrose
  • Dr. Mike Woo Ming
  • Scott Paton
  • Quentin Brown
  • Bob Silber

Just to mention a few. I'm working with Scott Paton who is a genius with RSS and Blogs. You want to get to the top of the google place rankings? Are you interested?? Ok then go here, now!

Don't mess around because this is the way, ok?

So, my hats off to Ken Calhoun and all the gurus who were there. As I recall more of what went on and I can connect it to something that is happening or that I am teaching, I will show you and share with you but I had to sign a NDA with Ken, and so I cannot, and will not give away the secret things we learned there.

But, if you come to my pages and see changes, you'll know what to do. Or join my newsletter program at

where I will send you cutting edge information on improving your chances of online success. Or, heck just sign up here, ok? Cool.

See you at the top.


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