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Friday, September 16, 2005

Computerworld Malaysia - Microsoft demos RSS features in IE 7


Computerworld Malaysia - Microsoft demos RSS features in IE 7:

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"To subscribe to an RSS feed in IE 7, a user simply clicks on a subscribe button in a toolbar that runs across the top of the browser. Users can then see a preview of the feed and add it to a list of favorites.

'The XML code has been transformed into a nice view over the feed,' said Dean Hachamovitch, general manager of the Internet Explorer team at Microsoft.
Microsoft also added in IE 7 a feature that lets users search through content by filtering down quickly to specific information.

The demonstrations showed how to add an RSS feed from the BBC news site and how to subscribe to a feed from an MSN shopping query for iPods.
'It's not just about IE, [but] about IE and Windows enabling a very easy experience to have subscriptions,' Hachamovitch said. 'The subscription experience [is] exposed at a very high level inside the browser.'

The new feed subscription gets added to a list of feeds inside IE. 'The great thing about putting [subscriptions] in the browser is there is a common feed list,' Hachamovitch said.

An unnamed prototype that uses list extensions to allow users to create customised feeds was also demonstrated."

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