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Monday, April 24, 2006

Hypnotic Copy the Dr. Vitale Way.


Hi my blog readers,

What do you know about "Hypnotic Writing"? Hypnotic Writing, perfected by Dr. Joe Vitale, is the ability to sell... It's the ability to market... It's the ability to write something so compelling that it literally grabs the reader by his or her emotions and enables them to feel what you are writing.

Some may cry. Others may laugh. Yet, others get so caught up into the ad or article that you wrote for your product or business that they whip out their credit card faster than the speed of light.

When you have the ability to write hypnotically, an entire world opens up for you that you never knew existed.

It's a world where you can literally write your own paycheck. It doesn't matter if you never made it past the 5th grade, you can learn how to write in ways that magnetically attract people to your product or service, or even you.

It doesn't matter if you're writing a press release, an ad in the paper, a website, a speech, or even the grocery list for your spouse... having the ability to write hypnotic compelling copy is something that is taught and can be learned by anyone.

Well, today is it . . . What do I mean, "this is it?" Well my friend, today, APRIL 24th, 2006 is the date that his teachings launch. That's the day that you finally get on the right road which will lead you "there". That day is TODAY!

For example, read Joe's letter on his website:

Can you guess why this page is pulling in more people to sign up for the priority list than nearly anything he's ever created? Before I tell you, please note this and write this down:

April 24th, 2006
9:00 AM EST

At exactly 9:00 AM you will want to go

You're not going to believe the offer that I've put together for you to ensure that I sell every single last copy of HSS.

Over the last few days, I've seen Joe's "BIG" photos over 100 times and it ain't pretty. I'm now more motivated than ever to help him get these out of the door. I understand where he is coming from and why he is doing this.

Also, understand this; nothing like this has ever been done in a marketing promotion to sell products.

This is totally new. And you watch - in a few days when this really starts and shocking the world with what's about to happen, everyone is going to copy this new marketing technique.

But it will only be those who get a copy of the Limited Edition Hypnotic Selling Secrets Course before we sell out who will benefit from this huge marketing stunt I, and Joe are about to pull off.

But I must warn you...

With tens of thousands of people running to the website at 9:00 AM, the servers are going to take a big hit. Know why?!! Because. . .

From Marketers to Realtors, from Salesmen to Judy, who owns the little flower shop down the street... They're not "there" yet.

Even Tom who owns the restaurant on the other side of town... he's not "there" either.
Millions of people want to be "there" I can tell you but they just don't have the right vehicle to get them to where they want to go.

So what is "there"? "There" is the world of "hypnotic" writing and I guarantee your marketing efforts after learning "hypnotic" writing will open new doors that you never knew existed. Why not learn EVERYTHING from the Hypnotic Marketing Master himself, Dr. Joe Vitale?

To learn more about Dr. Joe Vitale and being "there", you’ll need to enroll and get on his priority list. Go right now to:

What about you? Are you ready to get "there"? Then do it and don't rely on washed out writing and boring copy; learn from the master.

Oh look... it just so happens there is a door wide open for you to walk in right now...
Take a peek inside:

To your success as an Hypnotic Writer.


PS-Imagine what over 27 DVDs, 31 CDs, and thousands of pages of pure Hypnotic Marketing information can do for you personally and your business!

PPS-I'm "there". Are you?

PPPS-Hypnotic Selling Secrets launches or maybe already launched today, April 24th at 9:00 AM EST. You have no time to waste.


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