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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Doing Internet Marketing or Anything Spiritually, and Attaining


The superbowl this year turned out pretty well and the interesting part of this game was that it pitted "the cerebral against the brawn".

You have Manning, who has a cranium the size of a watermelon and one of the savviest coaches in Tony Dungy to ever play the game utilizing the best his team has to offer.

Then there is Urlacher, who has the neck as wide as the Sears Tower is tall, is a big nasty but fast player with a coach Lovie Smith, who is also very savvy.

Interestingly enough both these teams prepared themselves early on physically but more importantly mentally to attain the right to fight in the super bowl. I say fight because it is not a game for children. It truly is a fight to the finish.

That's not an easy feat because there are "obstacles" along the way like twenty five other teams vying for the same target, the press putting every player down, not to mention thoughts of everyday life they must overcome in order to reach the pinnacle of success!

So it is with you if you are on the path of reaching a higher plane than where you are at now.

You must prepare yourself, "mentally" as well as keeping your balance in the other areas of your life too. Balance is key to the preparation formula of success because without it you can never stay focused long enough to attain your dream.

Yes you must have:
  1. a burning desire
  2. have specialized knowledge
  3. take action
  4. staying focused
  5. being decisive

But you must understand that having balance in your life is key in having success in your life.

And mentally you must always go over the positive steps that will bring to you that which you desire most. You have to believe in yourself that your vision is in alignment with what you really want.

In business as in life, you must prepare yourself to attain your goals. You don't become a "guru" of anything if you haven't studied the people you wish to emulate, or read the materials needed to be at the top of your chosen field.

Plus, you cannot be defeated by any little "failures" that happen and you must remain loyal to your dreams and aspirations; be loyal to you!

Every leader does this, is this and lives this. Focused attention and a strong belief system will get you further than all the distractions put in front of you.

If you are ready to accomplish more this year for yourself and are ready to learn techniques that will manifest for you all that you want in your life, then join me here at:

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From there I will share my techniques and I can tell you it is not about using the right auto-responders, SEO, Adsense, Adwords and all of that.

But I will reveal to you the "preparation" it takes to get what YOU want.

I am closing this down soon because I only want to work with people that really want more from their life in small or big steps, but are mentally preparing themselves for more, greater and wonderful things to happen.


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