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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Finding Relief in this Down Spiraling Economy


An unsecured business line of credit is the easiest short cut to getting money that you will ever find.The best thing about this source of money is that they don't charge any back end points, balloon payments or annual fees. That's what I call soft money not hard money. Please read this article written by my associate Tom to learn more about this short cut to money.

I can teach you how to stop getting money using your own personal name and social security number and start getting money in the name of a business using any registered business entity.

You can register a new business name on-line with your secretary of state and request a Federal Employer ID Number called a FEIN. All types of business entities can qualify for business credit using my system and my lenders.

You can get business credit with a Limited Liability Corporation, S Corporation, C Corporation or a Limited Liability Partnership. The reason you will be able to get money that does not report on your personal credit report or harm your credit score is because you will be applying for credit using the name and Employer ID Number of your business entity.

Many people wonder how a brand new business or one with no income or revenue of any kind can qualify to receive unsecured business lines of credit. The answer to this question is that certain lenders have always offered start up businesses the chance to apply for lines of credit using what the banking industry calls "Stated Income Applications".

It's true that if you try to get a million dollar business line of credit from your local bank, you would probably need to complete a rigorous credit application and provide copies of business tax returns and profit and loss statements. But many national lenders offer business lines of credit that range from $20,000 to $100,000 for new businesses with no income history.

The secret to successfully getting large amounts of business credit is to use stated income applications to qualify for money from many different lenders. You will find that it is much easier to use my system to get many $50,000 business lines of credit, even with no business income or job history, than it is to qualify for a single million dollar line of credit at your local bank.

Business lines of credit come in the form of multi-year loans, convenient checks and business credit cards that offer cash advances that can be used anywhere. The money available from a business line of credit can be accessed as cash wired directly into your account, with check writing privileges or like any other credit card with a interest free grace period.

To get my complete guide with workbook, lenders list, CD set and everything you need to contact me for more information.

Almost everyone knows that a loan or credit card in your personal name gets reported to the credit bureaus. And this activity shows up on your personal credit report. The more you owe on your credit report, the lower your FICO credit score will be.

And having bad credit will cost you dearly.But - pay attention now - there is a way to get loans and credit cards that NEVER show up on your personal credit report. And here it is...

Here's how it works. When you get a business line of credit or business credit card In the name of a business, from my list of approved lenders - it will never appear on your personal credit report. So you can get large amounts of cash and credit lines from the banks I work with everyday without worrying about hurting your personal credit.

You can use this cash for anything you want to, and your assets will remain confidential.And you can start a business on paper for almost nothing. Just pick out a cool name for your new business and submit it on-line.

You will have your business papers back in a few days. Remember, no matter how much cash you take out in the name of your business, your personal credit score never drops. You can get $200,000 to $300,000 in cash and UNSECURED new business lines of credit by simply following my system.

An unsecured business line of credit is the easiest short cut to getting money that you will ever find. How easy is it and what can you use it for?

You can use business lines of credit for so many things -
1. Real Estate investing
2. Stock market investing
3. Starting a new business
4. Growing an existing business
5. Advertising
6. Creating an Internet business
7. Writing a book or a screen play
8. EBay business opportunities
9. Investing in livestock or race horses
10. Or any other business activity you can dream of . . .

The sky is the Limit!

Some people may think this is to good to be true but savvy businesses have known about business lines of credit for the last 50 years. Isn't it time you learn about this EASY money source too? For a FREE e-book go to:

Enjoy the bonanza; I sure am! Tom is presenting at a seminar in Sacramento, California and also in Los Angeles. Join in my group and I'll send you information about that right away.

Thanks for reading this article written by Thomas Kish and here's to you finding and financing your dreams.


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