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Monday, August 18, 2008

The truth about Quattro


As you may or may not know, the boys at Nitro just released their Quattro Sales System and Automation Software.

Now you can go read a very long sales letter written by a copywriter with way too much time on his hands or you can just read this and get the facts.

Quattro is a 4-step system (Quattro is Italian for 4) with legendary status among the gurus in the Internet Marketing community. Yes, many BIG name gurus swear by this system.

What exactly does Quattro do? It basically SUPERSIZES your customer value, instantly and automatically.

FACT: Nitro took a 6 year "dead" ebook worth $27 dollars and plugged it into the Quattro system.

Result: The customer value soared from $27 to an astonishing $429! Next, there was this guy selling really weird crap in strange little niches. He watched a bootleg copy of the 60 min.
Quattro presentation from an event in Boise.

Result: In two months he added $2 Million dollars to his bottom line - without any additional traffic or higher conversion rates.

Then there's the tale of QUATROZILLA.

A guy running a successful online business ($550K a year) plugged into the Quattro system.. and guess what happened? Same business, only now it's on pace to generate $8.3 Million dollars a year.


What if you're a beginner? This is the fastest way for you to get a successful online business up and MAKING MONEY. Case in point. A newbie went from $0 to $1,000 online in only 30 days by using the first step of the Quattro system. And guess what? He's selling magic tricks.


The Quattro system compresses the lifetime value of the customer and gives you a HUGE increase in both the immediate value and life-time value. It basically puts the old "backend" theory of marketing (which is true, btw) on steroids and takes it from a horizontal process to
a vertical process.

And it gets even better. Why? Because the whole system comes with Automation Software that allows you to get up in running in hours - it even includes software that enables "one-click" ordering.

If you're ready to quickly build a profitable online business - Quattro is for you. If you already have a successful online business but you want to take it to another level, and experience TOTAL freedom - Quattro is for you.

Run don't walk before all the bonuses are gone

Quattro and conquer,

PS: There are $7,500 dollars in bonuses for the fast-action movers. Don't miss out on this opportunity. Get it now


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