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Friday, September 05, 2008

Get To Your End Game


What does getting to your end game mean anyway? Well, I know this much; you can't get to your destination or anywhere if you don't know where you want to go, right?

To better explain this, my friend Christine Comaford wrote an in depth article to clear the air so to speak.

She is author of her book, Rules For Renegades, and is uniquely qualified to guide us to our end game. So without further adieu, heeeeeeeeeere's Christine!

So many entrepreneurs set out building a business with fabulous intentions. That's why it's such a tragedy that so many businesses never reach acceleration and success. What happens? And how can we build thriving healthy lucrative fun businesses? What's the secret?

You need three things. That's it. I promise.

First you need a support system. The key components of a successful support system are a mentor, a coach, and a community. Your mentor helps you strategize and do only the activities that "move the needle" – meaning that move your company forward from zero to 10 miles per hour, or from 10 to 40 mph, or from 40 to 90 mph. Your mentor helps you distill your business to its essence and thus focus on only the activities that matter right now.

Your coach holds you accountable to the goals you set and commitments you make, while also helping you remove any internal roadblocks/blind spots you may encounter on the road to success. Your community provides a fun group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are fellow travelers.

They celebrate you, help pick you up when you're down, share tips and techniques, become some of the dearest most trusted friends you'll ever have. Because they understand, like your mentor and coach, what it means to build a business that serves you, your clients, and the world overall.

Second you need to understand your end game. Your end game is what you want your business to look like in a few years. Do you want to create a lifestyle business, perhaps a business that generates a terrific revenue stream and you run for many years to come? Or do you want to build up your business and one day exit it, via a merger, acquisition or initial public offering? There's no right answer. And today's answer could change tomorrow.

The reason I want you to consider this is because where you want your business to go determines how you set it up, how you run it, and who you bring into it.

Your vision is a portrait of your future-an image that inspires you, that you feel deeply passionate about and that you are willing to work toward. It articulates your heart's desires and your values. Your vision motivates you to take actions that may enlarge your comfort zone, and that are necessary to realize your dream.

A vision...
Engages your heart and your spirit
Expresses your deepest desires for yourself and the ones you love
Provides meaning to the work you are doing
Is the release of unexpressed desires
Is ever-evolving and ever-growing
Often expresses your longing for a greater quality of life, financial independence, an improvement in the quality of your relationships, surroundings and experiences.

Your vision is your own, and is unaffected by others' desires, expectations or beliefs in you. Be bold in creating your vision, and reach not just for what you want, but also for what you want for your loved ones. Make your vision so powerful that, each time you revisit it, you are moved, inspired and reconnected with your reason for working on your business, and the legacy you want to leave.

Take a moment now and envision your company's future. We guide our Business Growth Blueprint program members through a detailed vision exercise to facilitate this essential exercise. It's too long to go into here, so simply write your vision down, look at your end game every day: in how many years do you exit your business (or if a lifestyle business, when you have achieved your greatest revenue goal)? What is the financial amount of your exit or peak revenue? If you plan on selling your business, what is the type of company you sell to and what are the assets they now enjoy?

Third, you need to get your people, money and business model together. This is more complex than the other two components, so I cannot drill down on it here-we'll need a lot more time together to do these three building blocks justice! Yet with solid people, money, and business model your support system can help you get where you want to go: which is to your end game. See how nicely this all fits together?

Do you have a support system? An end game? The people, money, business model you need to succeed?

If you would like to know more about Christine's assessments, have her coach you or just learn more about her, you'll find that information when you click on the link below.

Or ask Christine any question at:

Or just go out and buy her book Rules For Renegade's. I own it and it brought me back in touch with my renegade side too.

Nail your business plan. This assessment is a significantly more in depth version of "Pitch Critique. Off line assessment of plan, 45 minute summary of findings, 45 minute strategy follow up call.

I love Christine and how she has helped me with my business. She'll help you too.

Thanks for reading

Jorge Arguello


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