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Sunday, April 17, 2005

More of what I do, por favor?


It's weird. I do lots of things really. I am a writer, songwriter, performer and entrepreneur. They all go hand in hand because we are always trying to get what we do out there to someone. . .Somebody, right? It's all marketing once you have identified your market.

When you were a child and you wanted to show off a newfound talent, let's say dancing. Who was your target market? Well, it was your mom and dad first. Once you showed them and got approval from them, you went to your cousins and aunts and uncles, grandma or grandpa too. After they whooped it up and congratulating you and all that, you went further out. You went to your friends. Now you were going to a market that was a bit more risky.

These people, your friends, were going to be a bit more critical of you but if you sold them on your talent, then you had them and you made the big splash. Now you knew you could go back to them and give them more, and they would buy it because you already made a big splash with them before.

That my friends is what marketing is all about. Identifying your market first then taking your "product" to that market. But before that, find a willing market, a hot market, target that market and get the product they want, and they'll buy from you. Over and over.

One of the things I do is play in a kick-ass band called Majical and before I even started the band eight years ago, I checked out the scene, the market first, then went from there. In this area, Redding, California at the time had mucho top forty bands, blues and rock bands. No one was doing Latino style music at all. And Latino music rules because you can dance to it all the time and that's what the local hotties wanted. They wanted to shake their beautiful behinds and lure men into their traps!! Oops, I digress.

So I identified my market found out that it was and what was needed here and people wanted here, then I went forward with the Majical machine. A couple of years later Ricky Martin comes on the scene and we ride the crest of the "new Latino craze" taking over the country. A couple of years after that, Carlos Santana does a "comeback", which is ridiculous because he never left!! I had no idea that was about to happen but I'm glad it did. I wouldn't have had the success I encountered if I just played cuntry or blooze and not something new like Latino Cumbia music.

Moral of the story? Learn and find your HOT MARKET and then sell to that market. When you go to my website you will find some very useful marketing tips and products that will definitely help you to market your art, product or servicio. My website is designed to help you get all your ducks in a row by learning the things you need to succeed in a growing, online market. My course, "How to write million dollar ads, sales letters and web marketing pieces" will instruct you in the ways of how to market your art, product or service. The instructors read like a "who's who" of marketing geniuses. Brian Keith Voiles, Declan Dunn, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy and Ted Nicholas just naming a few.

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In my next post I will tell you some of the things I am doing now that is propelling me into the stratosphere, and they will for you too if can follow directions from those who are doing it. Until then, take care.