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Saturday, May 13, 2006

How To Become A Real Hero To Your Family And Friends


These are hard times for sure. Perhaps not as hard as some of our fathers and grandfathers endured, but nonetheless difficult. With gas prices soaring which of course drives everything else up, including our food, you have to wonder how am I going to make ends meet?

Here's an article that my friend Alan R. Bechtold wrote about how easy it is to fall into the "too good to be true" opportunities out there and the one's that are for real. And believe me, when you find the real deal, you'll want to act quick on it.

Who is Mr. Bechtold? Only one of THREE people who conducted business online way before there was an internet. If you're old enough to remember the bygone B.B.S. days then you'll know who Alan is. Do a search on him and find out.

Read on . . .
Of course, the truly "perfect" opportunity doesn't exist. Anyone who claims his or her opportunity is perfect is lying to you and should be avoided at all cost.

In the business opportunity world, the closest you can ever hope to get to a perfect opportunity is to find the RIGHT opportunity at the RIGHT time. It's what I call a "near perfect" opportunity, and it's a rare thing, indeed, but it's solid gold when you can find one!

Still... finding the exact combination can be tricky. You have to know what to look for and, of course, your timing has to be right on-the-money.

The RIGHT opportunity should:

* Appeal to a broad, hungry market
* Deliver multiple benefits to you
* Generate solid revenue
* Compel those you sign into the program to join the opportunity
* Be easy to understand and easy for your referrals to understand

That's the list. If four of the above five conditions exist in any opportunity you're investigating, chances are you're onto a winner. If you're getting in on such an opportunity, and you're getting in at the right time, you have discovered an opportunity with explosive potential.

That's how I honestly feel about Michael Penland's new Future Millionairs Club (FMC).

FMC is a unique program that enables its members to save up to 50% on almost everything they buy. It's so inexpensive to join, you literally pay many times less to join than you'll save each month -- and it also generates potentially huge returns through a unique structure that works even better than MLM -- but isn't MLM in any way.

Even better -- the timing for a program like FMC couldn't be any better!

Americans today are spending more on gasoline than at any time in history -- and they're reporting that it is forcing them to cut back on other necessities and frills that they used to buy.

As members of FMC, these same people could still be enjoying all the things they used to enjoy, because they would pay much less for them. And -- if they join the opportunity, they could also easily generate much-needed additional income to help make ends meet.

It's the PERFECT mix. The program is simple. It's straightforward. The compensation is great. And EVERYBODY needs this program in their lives right now -- even if they DON'T take advantage of the opportunity itself to make money.

Michael and I have also created a series of recordings that do all the selling for you. And there are regular training calls to get the people you signed up SELLING -- and earning you more money automatically.

And -- the timing is so perfect!

That's why I want to urge you to to visit this website right now and familiarize yourself with the FMC opportunity. Then you can decide for yourself:

Is FMC as good as Alan and Michael say it is? Is this the right opportunity at the right time?

Please. Don't miss this chance to discover a real "honest to goodness" opportunity when there are so many scams out there.

It will definitely make your life better if all you do is join to take advantage of the savings the club offers. It could change your financial future if you also decide to join us.

Just visit the link below to register for this important opportunity NOW. Don't put it off! Then make a note to yourself to read more about this and then join this rare and "real" opportunity. Situations like this come around but once, maybe twice so join Jorge,
Michael and I and we look forward to you joining us in the FMC!

Alan R. Bechtold, President
BBS Press Service, Inc.
10915 Bonita Beach Road
Suite 1122
Bonita Springs, FL 34135

So there you have it my friends. Don't guess at this. Find out for yourself and be a hero to all the people you love because you helped them to save money while you have put more money back into their pockets too.

Peace out.